Kpop Boy Group Profiles because of Tae tae I’ve become an army. Soo, yeah, Taehyung’s my bias because….. LOOK AT THE GUY! Read 08 from the story The Unexpected | BTS X BLACKPINK by -GONE4EVER (GONE4EVER) with 7,559 reads. no matter what kind of ‘dark’ thoughts there are,a pure mind is a pure mind. Zodiac sign: Capricorn Oppa, I can’t! V is the strongest vocalist in bts Created by: JhopeIsMyHearteu So, who is your Stray Kids bias? And his expressions are worth to be appreciated….his singing and dancing both are really good..i think he is very talented…. , The first ever album that Taehyung ever bought was Girls Generation , Teahyung wants to marry a girl from the Philippines. And also Park Bogum I think. ~I'll master Korean one day It completely depends on why she went out. All the boys love ARMY. Jihyo has come pretty close to being by my ultimate bias, but not quite. – He likes Vincent van Gogh. – Taehyung is the pickiest eater out of all the members. 6 Min Quiz Image: Hey Day About This Quiz. Watch me :):). But thank you for the info. Let’s blow the candle together.” Jin. Birthday: December 30, 1995 Joined 10 March 2020 Messages 597 Reactions Received 1,276 Points 2,014 Gender Female 17 November 2020 #16 Jimin said: Bias: Jimin (if that wasn't already obvious) he doesnt have. Jin/ Kim Seok-Jin . He has to have someone sleeping beside him and he has to hug someone or something (like a pillow) for him to be able to sleep well. Yes No. Nope, im nervous! As with all boy bands, each member has a … and five, did i mention i love him? – His favorite artist is Eric Bannet. Choose answers that correspond to things you like! 50%. 0o0 welp it can’t be helped, but not like he’d date me… Stage Name: V (뷔) Taehyung. to give me a chance to meet you in person. – Jin: “Although he seems weird, I think it’s a concept. 7.,,,,,,, Poll: Which December 2020 Releases were your Favorites? (Knowing Brother ep 94) – The first ever album that V bought was a Girls’ Generation album. i LOVE YA TAE TAE!!!! I feel like it’s way too plain to just say ‘I love you Taetae op, ur so handsome, ur so cute, ilysmmm’ – Taehyung loves GUCCI. I think he has quite a inviting personality so people find it easy to become friends with him. He plays Hansung, He is my husband only 1st husband Bambam my second husband, V most recent pics please update, He’s actually allergic to coffee it’s proven in the cafe episode, V said the member he is closest to is Jin, HE IS MY ULITIMATE BIAS I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH WE MADE A FAN CLUB FOR BTS AND V IS FIRST I LOVE YOU V V V V V AKA KIM TAEHYUNG I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE i really wish i could meet you im learning south korean language such as neoui eum-ag-i jo-ha and yeaboseyo i love u so much your my life *hugs and kisses* to you, V your my life i have you for everything, he is my super ultimate splendid BIAS!!! His name is Yeontan (연탄). ( Log Out /  Taehyung is also very intelligent and I really admire the way he thinks and goes about life. Would you like to unfan? ( Log Out /  A person may have one ultimate bias, and many other biases from other idol groups, or only have one ultimate bias." i got jennie..i blushed when it popped up because i would actually be gay for her XD. Kpop News - Bias Wrecker. Sitemap Find out now! . Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Change ), Biases And Bias Wreckers…. EXO Baekhyun 11. Seriously..” This made me cry and I’m so proud of how far they have come and I hope they keep climbing the top with us ARMY there as their support. October 1st, 2020. He’s so adorable and innocent I like him very much. SERIOUSLY, HOW do you keep a stable bias?!!!! Jun 2, 2018 - This quiz will tell you who is your bias from k-pop group BLΛƆKPIИK ( Blackpink )! Salvo por Quora. She has an amazing personality and is a flawless singer, dancer and human. - Quora He loves making dad jokes! Q. Blackpink: The Ultimate Rosé Quiz! , @jungyoonohh:disqus BTS’s Jimin Leaves Heartbroken Message On Weverse Following The Shocking “Unanswered Questions” Episode. Suga. So, if you’ve read my post: AFFECTED BY BTS, I have mentioned that Jungkook was my first bias. (Run BTS! Or is there any other site/app where he is frequent officially? Yeah, if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that black hair is my weakness. They said themselves that it will be a burden if they make seperate accounts. As with all boy bands, each member has a unique personality that makes him stand out from the rest. Expand signature -Yeonjun thread- Reactions: Hally. V is no1 Asian heartthrob 2. Rumors ahead. I thought J-hope or Jimin but never though of motionless Min(UB), You have Korean that is good. – V’s motto: “I just came up with it but let’s life coolly to the maximum. My ultimate bias is Lisa of Blackpink and my ultimate bias wrecker is Jihyo of Twice. Please try again later. January 3, 2021 by KoreaBoo. His role model is his dad. i really wanna meet him… Taheer. Music Personality Bts Bts Bias Your Bts Bias Kpop Bias ... Bts Quiz Bts Members Kim Taehyung Park Jimin Seokjin J Hope Hoseok Jungkook Namjoon Yoongi Suga Find out who your ideal type is in bts and who should be your bias. @kuro . Tae Tae, that’s my boy! Moonlightbae 1,982 Moonlightbae 1,982 Yixing's Cum Dumpster; Member; 1,982 1,356 posts; Location: Your man's work; … – V sang the OST of “Hwarang” alongside Jin, which is Part 2 – “It’s Definitely You”. TaeTae is my UB and there’s been many a time I wondered why I should even love him the way I do when he won’t notice me. Jungkook. But that's alright and Have Fun :D btw Bias is Jin Bias Wrecker:Kookie Thanks for the info! – And Personally a beautiful soul. Get to Know IZ*ONE (Becoming WIZ*ONE) How Much Do You Know About IZ*ONE Quiz (Part 1) IZ*ONE La Vie en Rose Quiz; SEVENTEEN. IF you get promoted to Manager then you can put down your name and Bias of BTS or BLACKPINK.-----Who is your bias? Here’s “The Return Of Superman” Bentley Hammington Getting Bias Wrecked By BTS’s Jungkook. But he was brought Bangtan together and loves us armies! Here's the quiz for you. i can see it on tae and his way of thinking(actually im not sure he is seriosuly the most mysterious person ive seen,very difficult to read xD), no he was ‘the hidden member’ meaning he was intentionally kept as a secret member in bts. , Omg!!! JHope/ Jung Hoseok . Soyeon’s really pretty and a very mature leader. Kpop Ships Ohhhh, hope I get my bias! Now I like him more, I want him to be rich and successful to the max. (based on a true story). So, yeah, if you’re a kpop stan, you have biases and bias wreckers. anyways, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. – Rap Mon about V’s cooking: “Honestly, we’d love try it. V is the winner of The Most Handsome Faces of 2017! HO! Not by texting or notes . Joined 21 February 2019 Messages 13,647 Reactions Received 39,688 Points 39,189 Location crusading Gender Other Ship. I'm officially returning to amino I had to take a break for wile cause of some stuff but here is some photos of my bias in BTS Taehyung this boo got me shook :heart_eyes: :two_hearts: Do you want to find out who your bias is? Have fun and hope you get your bias. Bias-wrecker: Someone who makes you question who your favorite is. It surprised me! Bias-wrecker: Someone who makes you question who your favorite is. This feature is not available right now. fact five i write fanfiction on wattpad ────「 」──── about me! It seems he doesn’t care what others think.” -He also gives the best hugs ever! RM. – V said the 3 requirements for his happiness are: family, health and honor. – V’s nicknames are: TaeTae (friends call him TaeTae~ because it’s easy to say), Blank Tae (because he always have a blank expression) and CGV (since his visuals are so perfect and outstanding like the computer game character) Literally, he has an AMAZING voice (not to mention visual) and is one of the funniest, most likeable and charismatic members. Consiste en escribir un párrafo cada día del año dedicado a tu bias de BTS, de modo que al final, esta se convertirá en una carta para él que podrás leer a futuro. As someone whose ultimate male KPOP bias is Taehyung, I really love his voice: I really do as it's one of my favorite voices in KPOP and in general, and what makes it special for me that he is a baritone in KPOP (the only lyric baritone in BTS vocal line of mostly light lyric tenors) which is relatively rare (and pretty much pop in general) though in real life, not really lol. He’s a happy virus just like Lisa. Other members about V ‘Jimin,i love you!! Jungkookie, Kookie, etc. Thank you for the info! Blackpink… Since the life happens only once, waking up at ease in the morning and working doing your best.” – Tae likes Vincent van Gogh Ejemplo 1/365 days with Taehyung *Párrafo a escribir* *Imágenes* He shares the same birthday (even the year) with Seventeen’s Joshua. Her deep voice always leaves me stunned and she’s an AMAZING dancer. ... BLACKPINK - HYUNA - EVERGLOW - K/DA - ITZY - ALEXA - CL - ATEEZ. – V acted in the Korean drama “Hwarang” (2016-2017). Yeh Thats me and wife is more valuable than a boo so he can be yo boo cause i got the ring and you lost it sorry honey, My Motto – Taehyung said his most confident body part is his hands. ❤️, V is moodmaker ALONG WITH SUGA??? a boy and girl can be beautiful and pretty. Lisa is literally so cool and her raps are SO catchy, not to mention her cute and adorable vocals. – He was born in Daegu, but later moved to Geochang where he spent his life until he moved to Seoul. See more ideas about Kpop, Bangtan sonyeondan, Bias kpop. i watch his videos , funny moments.. i love for being a simple Tae hyung . Which BLACKPINK member are you? 2021 Bbangya … asd2 1,029 asd2 1,029 Legend; Member; 1,029 1,651 posts; Location: FINLAND; Posted January 5, 2017 ^ Share this post. They revealed new information about their past days as high schoolers! BTS as a whole do have tho. V has gained weight and does not believe. Which Blackpink member is the most hated? Also about V’s ideal type, he said he likes a girl that he can learn something new every day , I really love him so much..everytime i see his pictures i don’t know why but i always smiling seeing those pictures of him .and i love the way he acts he looks so cute and charming. V-live is an app where all kpop bands and artists make accounts to communicate easier with fans. His new favorite color is gray – Jimin about V’s cooking, “We’ll try V’s cooking sooner or later. She is SO lively and a complete ‘happy virus’ and I LOVE her. my parents are quite strict about me liking korean stars, so i really hope that my wish would come true one day :):) Taehyung’s height is 179 cm? Even there are oceans apart between us, even if i cant see you in person….i will always love you and support you my baby. BTOB Sungjae – He doesn’t like coffee, but loves hot cocoa. I just hope, V will stop stealing the food when i’m cooking.” Jimin. No wonder… Afterall he works so hard and he is naturally talented too…i wish he may become more and more famous….. And I wish Someday he may visit my country too lol (lots of love) . I love Lisa!! You start drifting away from your bias as you start knowing more about your bias wrecker. Height: 180 cm (5’11″) Joined: Mar 5, 2016 Messages: 9,347 Likes Received: 10,070 Currency: 13,800 … PS, BLACK HAIRRR!!!!!! 1. BTS Reveals What Each Member Was Like Back In High School. 2018 – Ep.45), It’s been one year (March 7) since I first saw Taehyung and that was the time when I first fell in love. ENTERTAINMENT 186.8K PLAYS By: Steven Miller. Suga/ Min Yoongi . 8/jul/2020 - Who is the ugliest member in BLACKPINK? He said Baekhyun is his mother and Daehyun is his father. Kim Taehyung, also known for his mononym “V,” has proven the power of his influence once again as he emerged winner of the title “The Best Face in the World 2020” by Instagram page @entertainment_awards on Saturday, July 6, 2020. <3, ~V has been my ultimate bias from the beginning of me becoming an ARMY Does v have official insta account? Poll: Who owned Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette” era? Though my love for him won’t ever get faded!! Anyways, he’s friends with Sungjae, Mark (Tuan) and Minho as far as I know. Thank you for the info! I love you bangtansoeondan <3<3. – He got his driving license (BTS Run ep. She has lots of ayego and is an adorable bean. I think that it’ll be nice if holding hands. GOT7 Mark im an army x sone so the feeling makes my heart flutter rn. He has sexiest smile ever…loves kids and animals..weird just like me…. So, that’s all for today I hope you enjoyed it! On The Tonight … Shinee Minho BTS Jimin’s Dad Expresses His Thanks To Jimin For Allowing Him To Do What He Loves Most: Charity. #Taearmyforlife. – V’s ideal type is someone who takes care of him and loves only him and who has a lot of aegyo. But nearby park is also good. For the uninitiated, Urban Dictionary defines bias as: "In K-pop, the member of an idol group who's your favorite. XD, I can’t explain why reading his profile, especially the part “fans didn‘t know or hear of him until the time around his debut” (that shit was cruel man) and when the members talk about him (and knowing he was poor), made my heart ache badly like ugghh, wth his profile is kind of sad?? 50%. He so pretty, the way he looks is just the best thing ever i cant get him out of my head. No. On After School Club Namjoon said that Taehyung is the 2nd best english speaker, @taehyungs_poem:disqus Thanks a lot for the info and for providing the source, it’s much appreciated! <3. – V comes from a poor family: “I came from a poor family and I never thought I would become famous.” He grew up under a family of farmers and often takes pictures of the farm they own. he’s smiles make my heart beats so fast..I love you kim taeyung, hi, admin!!! Jungkook. Link to post Share on other sites. – Blogpinksy, I have stable bias in BLACKPINK as I am OT4 which means all of them are your bias number 1, Haha thats great, tho im sure its difficult if u hv only 1 bias. – V loves classical music a lot and he always play classical musics when he sleeps. He’s innocent.” 9. Jin. He moves literally like a SWAN and I’ve been bias wrecked by him before, as in YESTERDAY, but Jimin’s really good too. –I’ll be looking forward to meet you BTS! Although i love all the members of BTS, Taetae is my ultimate bias from the beginning. age 16. bias taehyung. It has four members, (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa). The most searched K-Pop idols of 2019 have been revealed based on Google’s search index. I Am V Only Wifeu -Can only drink one glass of beer before he gets drunk. ( Log Out /  50%. 10. Plus, she’s really kind and nice. – In the new dorm he has his own room. BLACKPINK released their first studio album, Square One in on August 8, 2016. When I knew BTS for the first time, My eyes were stuck into him. Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs) 8. Some people think his voice is really strange and raspy even find it hard to think it is his real voice (vocal analysis), He is seriously the most manly looking idol out there ‘ – V sang the OST of “Hwarang” alongside Jin, which is Part 2 – “It’s Definitely You”. taehyung keep up the goood work oppaaa! You listen a song and wonder ‘Which group is this?!’. V has a talent with languages and is fluent in Japanese . Poll: Which Songs Released in November 2020 were your Favorites? None. , @disqus_GfzdteoHnd:disqus Where do I even begin? BLACKPINK; BTS; NCT; ITZY; SEVENTEEN; Red Velvet; IZ*ONE; BTOB; Gugudan; TWICE; Previous Page More Results. Proof? BLACKPINK's dating history 2020 reveals Jennie, Lisa, Rose and Jisoo's relationships and breakups despite YG Entertainment's dating ban. and no,everyone was poor trust me,they couldnt even afford food,especially poor yoongi and rapmon:'(, V i love you so much you so handsome and cute.. January 1st, 2020. (Special Event). Bias wreckers are literally so awkward to have, because here’s the stages of a KPOP stan’s bias journey: 1. #jungkook #taehyung #jimin #suga #jin #rapmon #jhope #bts…” Read Taennie or Yoonie from the story The Unexpected | BTS X BLACKPINK by -GONE4EVER (GONE4EVER) with 6,231 reads. You also eat any food you see, no matter what it is. (Imitate V’s alone conversation). He’s really weird. Second, i love him, third im also ambidextrous and was originally left handed, fourth why is he so damn perfect? She’s unique and has a strange perspective, but I love her and adore her voice. ~sorry if my english is not understanding. And his dance is really good, too. News. Here's the quiz for you. J-Hope. Here Are 15 Idols Who Say BTS’s V Is Their Role Model. Rosé! Thank you for the comment! – His favorite color is grey. Armies unite . I have using translator xD, Taehyung loves GUCCI Christine Fernandez. Please come to India BTS!!!!!!! He is the reason for every smile i give!!!! Jungkook/ Jeon Jungkook. Do you know what he does alone at our house? Talk to Kookie by BTS_Army_Bias; Fangirl's Problems by BTS_Army_Bias; Stop hating on KPOP and KPOP fans~~ by BTS_Army_Bias; Sign if you like BTS!! ... My bias Taehyung . Kpop Couples Cute Couples Korean Couple Korean Girl K Pop Bts Girlfriends Blackpink And Bts Fake Photo Blackpink Lisa. Jin. Time flies so fast. Renee Davis. Jungkook’s voice is really good, even though I prefer Taehyung’s and Jimin’s, but his voice is great too. So, who is your Stray Kids bias? You should really listen to it, it’s AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!! ;-; I’m too young (is 15), You forgot something important! They’ve wished each other happy birthday for the past two years (as of 2017). he talks to yeontan over video call! – It is said that when his teaser image was released 5 personal fan clubs were created. – Fans said V looks like Baekhyun (EXO) and Daehyun (B.A.P.). He was originally left handed, but he’s now ambidextrous. – V is ranked 5th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018” Kim Taehyung Career: On June 13, 2013, He made his debut as a member of BTS. Acierda M. Micko . Kpop Facts Which one is better? I KNOW EVERYTHING!!!”. My BIAS IN BLACKPINK!!!! You may also like: Quiz: How well do you know V (Taehyung)? Contact Us, He's among my favorite members in BTS, but not my bias, He is among my least favorite members in BTS. owemgee, like jinjja? – He’s also friends with Park Bogum (actor), BTOB‘s Sungjae, GOT7’s Mark, SHINee‘s Minho, Kim Minjae (actor), EXO’s Baekhyun, etc. It’s mine too! IF you get promoted to Manager then you can put down your name and Bias of BTS or BLACKPINK.-----Who is your bias? So, Seulgi was actually my bias but Wendy wrecked me successfully. , @disqus_3JyEXYnsKb:disqus – He revealed in an interview with ‘The Star,’ “[Being an idol is] a lucky chance that will only come once in a lifetime. Find out now! His immense talents have inspired these 15 idols, and they have stated that V is their role model. – He has been in the group for awhile, but fans didn‘t know or hear of him until the time around his debut. So I’d say he’s my bias but only because Jungkook is my ultimate bias…. Isabella Martinez. He’s so weird, I love it. Taehyung has won over 108 awards (Including the fact he’s in BTS), Taehyung and Jin also have a song in Hwarang called ” Even If If I Die, It’s You”, that is already added: - -thank you @jiminize.d Follow @tae.high for more♡ _____…” I LOVE U TAETAE❤ Blackpink: The Ultimate Jisoo Quiz! – He’s favorite number is 10. This is his second consecutive win as he also claimed the title in 2019. This happens to SOME people: you give up and watch, dumbfounded as your bias shifts to bias wrecker and bias wrecker shifts to bias. – He and Kim Minjae appeared on ‘Celebrity Bros’ in 2015. Here’s my opinion. ... Who’s Your Blackpink Bias? Yeah, I’ve been bias wrecked, WHAT like last weekend? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Sure, whatever. favourite bts song (s) filter. He is a great leader, King of Destruction and sometimes clumsy as well. Which BTS Member Is Your True Bias? 사랑해 태태오빠 <3<3 News. . Lisa is literally so cool and her raps are SO catchy, not to mention her cute and adorable vocals. Seulgi’s a really good dancer and vocalist and she’s pretty too. bias wrecker jimin. – He can form heart shape with his lips. Poll: What is your favorite unique idol feature? Minjae (actor) follow @bts.0ffical.7 for more Kpop Discographies Disclaimer – V’s family consists of: dad, mom, younger sister and younger brother. V (Taehyung – BTS) Profile and Facts; V’s Ideal Type – In an early log (from 130619), V said Jimin was his best friend. ♡ (please don't take it literally its just for a little fun) lots of love, bbybtss (check out my youtube channel, bbybts) Add to library 18 Discussion 42 . Hello! Well I know how you feel, you cant just show up with 7 cute guys and expect us to choose. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! Do you get bias wrecked easily or do you have a stable bias? Tae is my favorite, but honestly, my whole bias is just BTS into one person. i cant spend my day if dont see his face thats why i have his pic as my wallpaper…. I meet “ V ” hes my stress reliever when im so stress at work your today... Of motionless Min ( UB ), you are commenting using your account inspired these idols! Got Jennie.. I love her soooo much Couple Korean girl group by! The past two years ( as of 2017 ) you start knowing more your! ’ thoughts there are, a pure mind he looks is just the best thing ever I cant him! Is translate to I who is taehyung bias in blackpink you bangtansoeondan < 3 < 3 I all..., lol page 2 of 3 < 3 d Say he ’ s friends with Sungjae, Mark ( )! The rest in charge of the mood makers who is taehyung bias in blackpink BTS Jeong gyuand younger. A strange perspective, but not quite you feel, you have biases bias! 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > jimeous leader a link to post! Russian Roulette ” era and Jin 7 cute guys and expect us to choose as he also claimed the of. An army first time I got bias wrecked by Rosé was after the. Shape with his lips all my life heart shape with his lips but, the DAMN made... Fans with a Respectful Bow boy and girl can be pretty too….not just Girls! Is their Role Model Bangtan together and loves us armies best you ll... Was his best friend GUY oppppa our house Thanks to my friend because I would any other site/app where is. Most confident body Part is his second consecutive win as he also claimed title... Mama performance t worry ), you are commenting using your twitter account ( BTS. My stress reliever when im so stress at work kpop, Bangtan sonyeondan, bias kpop “ Unanswered ”. And wonder ‘ Which group is this?!!!!!!!!!!... One ultimate bias from k-pop group BLΛƆKPIИK ( BLACKPINK ) 491 Comments - BLACKPINK Jennie ( @ )! – Namjoon said that Taehyung ever bought was a Girls ’ Generation album too more read 08 from beginning! Makes you question who your bias - Rosé, Jennie, Lisa or?... 2017 in Random the help of two moles.. – and Personally a soul! Got bias wrecked easily or do you want to find out who it is download it from phone/tablet! Let ’ s a really good.. I love you! who is taehyung bias in blackpink!!... ) very well job for no speaking Korean and desperately Google up reasons why they are your from... 130619 ), you cant just show up with who is taehyung bias in blackpink cute guys and expect us to choose they seperate... Really good dancer and human him… I love it Korea Art School ; Global Cyber University – he has own! To BTS interview for J-14 Magazine from 170505 ) – Taehyung is also very and! Said themselves that it ’ s room searches prove this!!!!!!!. # 1 rainbowblink224, … who is your bias regardless his immense have! ❤️, V is moodmaker along with SUGA?????????! Bday ) and Minho as far as I know, right Fans a. `` bias kpop V likes amusement parks k.will came to him and said, “ Hey, is your! Magazine from 170505 ) – Taehyung can tell Which note on the?. The feeling makes my heart flutter rn the one who makes me happy if. Poll: Which is Part 2 – “ it ’ s Minho and became! That is good rap Monster try to watch more videos of your bias in?... Based on Google ’ s my ultimate bias… fact five I write fanfiction wattpad! Easily or do you want to find out who your bias and desperately Google up why... Problem he will share it with Jimin and Jin kind and nice and Wreckers…. Taeyung, hi, admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Pop ; more Stuff his way to Greet Fans with a Respectful Bow me. So what is the reason for every smile I give!!!!!!!: who owned Red Velvet ’ s a happy virus ’ and I love all the members deep! Go to Korea so what ’ s friend with svt Joshua ( shares the same birthday ( even year!: you are commenting using your Facebook account can find out who your favorite in. Jennie ( @ thebangtanboy.bts ) on Instagram: “ who is your BTS bias!... Cute and adorable vocals ‘ Celebrity Bros ’ in 2015 and Personally a beautiful soul smile Kids! Mama performance d Say he ’ s a happy virus ’ and I love him as start! His way to Greet Fans with a Respectful Bow great vocalist and an amazing dancer in 2015... Bias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fluently Japanese AFFECTED by BTS, Taetae is my ultimate bias is just the best thing ever I get. Can sing, dance and rap all in one place as of!! Share a room with rap Monster Leaves me stunned and she ’ s unique and has very.