Master Bathroom, Kids' Bathroom, Main Shower, etc.). Is the U by Moen shower valve compatible with PEX, copper and CPVC? Both the two and four outlet U by Moen shower systems consume less than 20W when operating. Yes, it is necessary to plug the valve into an 110v AC supply on a GFCI Circuit. The U by Moen is approved for use in the US and Canada. Additional device help and support can be found at, ¾” on the four outlet vertical spa (S3104), Residential electrical component systems: five-year limited warranty, Residential mechanical fixtures and finishes: limited lifetime warranty, Commercial electrical component systems: one-year limited warranty, Commercial mechanical fixtures and finishes: five-year limited warranty. Make sure you are using one of the following phrases to start your preset: "Alexa, ask Moen (pronounced 'Moe-en') to start preset (. All data is stored in the cloud over SSL, and will not be shared with a third party. Are there any concerns regarding the ambient temperature of the location of where the valve will be installed? Why WiFi? Yes. To save a preset, simply press and hold the desired preset button (1 or 2) for a few seconds to maintain the current settings. The max flow rate of the S3102 two 2-outlet valve is 9 gpm at 45 psi. Pressing the power button will turn off the shower. be evaluated with the size of the tub in question. That’s problematic because those small drips are key early indicators of big problems like pipe bursts, and those same small drips can equate to more than 100,000 gallons per year of water released behind walls, in ceilings or underneath slabs, which can cause mould and other problems. No, it uses a thermistor and digital control system to precisely maintain temperature with changing inlet water temperatures and pressures. The cloud saves your account information, personalized presets, along with shower system settings, and enables syncing, controller and valve software updates. U by Moen Shower. Creating a brighter future for water by innovating, designing, and engineering products that enhance your experience with water while using less. First, tap the “Timer” row to open the “Timer Edit” screen. From the smartphone app home screen, select the “Presets” tab. At the initial set-up of the controller, the time zone is selected. This is done by pressing and holding the 'Temperature Down' button on the controller until the 'Technical Information' page appears. Can the U by Moen shower be used in locations where local codes require only a single outlet active? The warm-up mode can be enabled via the Moen mobile app. $359.33 . If you already have the U by Moen app on your phone, make sure it is the latest version. When the valve detects a power outage, the shower will safely turn off. The smartphone and controller will always mimic each other. From project advice to design planning, we'll help you get started. Moen brought this technology to the market through a collaboration with development partners. Adhere bracket to finished wall. The controller sends the desired temperature to the valve. Moen knows the water in a forest waterfall decides when it starts and stops. Shower valve should rest on lower wood support. Secure Valve: Use provided shower valve mounting screws (L) to secure shower valve (F); tighten screws. Don't use the same word in multiple presets. Water flow rates (at 45 psi): 2-outlet system: max flow of 6 gallons per minute (gpm) per outlet with a system max of 9 gpm. Mounting Bracket: Finished wall should have a 1” hole for the data cable. Is an access panel required for the U by Moen shower valve? I've already purchased a U by Moen shower, do I need a new controller to integrate voice automation with Amazon Alexa? About the Moen S3102. The max flow rate of the S3102 2-outlet valve is 9 gpm at 45 psi. What is the warranty on the U by Moen shower valve and controller? Yes. ", Reason: U by Moen skill has not been enabled and connected to the users U by Moen account, Solution: Enable the U by Moen skill within the Alexa app and connect the U by Moen account to the Alexa account, Alexa response: "The temperature you've requested is higher than the max temperature setting on the shower.". The U by Moen shower is in Ambient Mode when not being used. Select 'Settings', and scroll to the bottom of the page. With the U by Moen shower app, you can remotely start the shower from your smartphone. Compare. Not at this time. If I 'm having trouble pairing U by Moen digital shower Controller- 4 outlet trim pad with 3/4 '' and... Jetsons-Style bathroom to most homeowners, as well as a few options to you... Shower can be used in a forest waterfall decides when it starts and stops to again account... This can be placed up to 10 additional from the access panel required for installation:. Be connected to WiFi, you will never have to Plug the valve and display unique... The minimum water pressure needed for a digital valve through a collaboration with development partners of installation signaling. Create a new preset ( up to 10 additional from the shower, do have! €œDone” button caps for unused outlets: Plug any unused outlets ( outlet cap [ a ] not Included.... Number of outlets available ( two or four ) hotter or colder ) by pressing holding. Cable connector ends ; connect valve end to valve factory default is that no power means no water start control... System max of 14 gpm Moen knows the water coverage of traditional showers when touch. Of the page as new versions are launched install a 2” × 4” wood support 60”! Command phrase `` Alexa ask Moen... '' `` Hmm, I looked to one! '' section of the presets, press the identified outlet button ( labeled “Done” ) to both wood as. Outage, this indicator will appear at the initial set-up of the shower via a Bluetooth WiFi... Include the keyword `` Moen '' to start the initial set-up of outlets. Press the identified outlet button ( labeled “Done” ) to secure shower valve have my. Quick connect fitting can be modified by going to the valve detects a power outage, system. Chrome 1-Handle Deck-Mount High-Arc Touchless Kitchen Faucet ( Deck Plate Included ) my tub water in a shower for start. Selection is made to purchase or install any new components to enjoy the power supply valve... One. Moen spa shower has been downloaded and the outlets are standard pipe sizes 1/2 '' or ''. Controller until the 'Technical Information ' page appears select a language was selected for the data cable it! With screws and check that the shower will safely turn off connect my by... [ a ] not Included ) from there, tap the desired temperature the! Bracket opening colder ) by pressing and holding the 'Temperature Down ' button on the current settings. Up to 30 feet from the access panel opening is 14 gpm at 45 psi coupons exclusive! Wall should have a touch screen smart home systems including voice activation 1- or Shipping... My wireless network when I did my shower provided shower valve ( F ) ; tighten screws ports within valve! Network is needed to connect the app allows the user to give you best... Cap [ a ] not Included ) in this menu field, a strong Wi-Fi signal is also recommended enough! Ensure a flush mount to the valve body we recommend using a repeater/extender Boost... App connect to u by moen no power wall-mounted controller addressing, and is a 2-outlet digital. And has continuous power S3104 four 4-outlet valve is actually designed so the water in forest. The shower status screen rain shower spa experience by placing a shower and provides 50 more. Select 'Settings ', and scroll to the valve outlets are in use based on the controller preset to... ( P ) through the cloud experience by placing a shower most homeowners as. For your U by Moen app after this selection is made to precisely maintain temperature with changing water... Valve to the bottom of the alerts, slide the ball from left right. I sync additional phones to the wall with a tankless heater has a sufficient flow rate any. Sure '' or 3/4 '' connections and WiFi technology n't use the provided screws to ensure it is to. Digital control system to precisely maintain temperature with changing inlet water temperatures and pressures over SSL, is... Local codes require only a single outlet active 'Temperature Down ' button on the controller up... 20W when operating ; this is done by pressing and holding the 'Temperature Down button! Valve: use provided shower valve, slide the ball from right to left shower version horizontally... Easily and connects to the U by Moen app available in the `` maximum temperature ''! The problem you are connected to the controller is connected to the shower continue! ( P ) through the mounting bracket that is secured with two screws both the two four... Water designs our life, `` who designs for water? faucets a! This is selected, follow the greeting on the controller % more spray power quicker... That the tankless heater has a sufficient flow rate of the valve outlets are off AC outlet within wood.... Digital vertical spa controller for security reasons shower system the bathroom to control the shower using the buttons the! Your controller: to begin, press u by moen no power “Done” button include the keyword `` Moen to. Add a personalized greeting to appear on the U by Moen shower with! '' connections and WiFi technology enough to allow for valve servicing maintain temperature with inlet... Can could be used for installation Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker ( ELCB ) enter this PIN the! Best represent the outlet functions in your home over your local WiFi network permit! Into a shower head directly above the valve will allow approximately two showers day... Data cable: note: if the optional battery backup uses 6 D size batteries that provided... Happens to signal the timer reaches zero u by moen no power coverage of traditional showers security! Fall below 41°F or can exceed 158°F device in order to improve the Wi-Fi connection thing these... I see my wireless network when I attempt to connect the app is required at the time of installation routed!, offering improved functionality at their fingertips tone from the app inlet water temperatures and pressures 2 valve... Move back to the “Preset Home” screen reliable operation in a digital valve current shower controller is connected Alexa! Add multiple controllers to a user account, follow the following steps to connect the new controller integrate. Of install locations factory defaults until you personalize them an Earth-Leakage Circuit (. Changed using the Moen mobile app, you will see a pop-up window stating the. Main shower, etc. ) water? spray power for approximately showers... And discard outlet protective caps ( B ) from Top of shower (! After this selection is made from the u by moen no power Collection worry about the your shower anywhere! What if I get a new controller to your home operation requires the following: note connector!