It’s a great alternative for my boys room when I have to sleep there while sick! Oh, and get the cloudberry jam. She said she made a note on my record and transferred me to the customer resolution team. We bought the Haugsvaer in a firm after trying it out in the store. I just went to IKEA in Emeryville. With only a very thin polyurethane layer, it has a firm and bouncy structure that most disagree with. Then 3 scheduled NO SHOWS since then. And he said that IKEA had actually reported bedbugs to his organization around the time my mattress was in the warehouse/sales floor. Takes a while for delivery but well worth it. It is more responsive than memory foam and bouncier. It was a good mattress for one year and then the whole side collapsed. I don't know what to do anymore. It is rated firm and is a bit higher at just under 10'' thick. After 3 long months of questioning why my kids were always itching, with no answers to be found I was pretty much at wits end. IKEA continues growing in popularity as they expand across the US, primarily targeting lower price points. I don't have to stay there waste 4-5 hours for nothing. Sagging began shortly after, it began on my husband side but this cause me to roll onto his side which eventually created a pit right in the middle. That was another 30 minutes. 87. I call the delivery company myself, they tell me they do not have the mattress. Again, no call letting me know they weren't going to show up. It’s worth the money and will save you from aches and pains. Uh why would anyone want to just remove a mattress? Horrible horrible experience. He told my husband he is sorry about what happened. But I never had my own, so when my family and I finally obtained our own place, we were excited and decided to buy furniture. Awesome. If you are reading below, my nightmares start on 4/24 4/22 Purchased sofa and mattress at Emeryville IKEA; delivery is arranged on 4/24 from 11am - 3pm 4/23 Received a text message asking to confirm Tuesday's delivery; happily responded YES. Buuuuut...the quality here..there is no quality. Due to the life expectancy of all mattresses it made most sense to get this one. We have bought a memory foam topper and a feather-bed topper and it is somewhat more comfortable. The guy at the service desk assured me that YES the saturday I need my things delivered should not be a problem. We really liked the haugsvar mattress in the beginning but after a few month a hole started forming on my side and it got deeper and deeper. Got it a month ago love it went back and got another love them. He basically said that wasn't true and that I was shit out of luck. Reclaimed wood slats, fixed directly to the KURA’s existing panels, add rustic flair to … Great bed !!! IKEA Mattress Types and Components: Ikea offers a total of 14 different mattress models. She told me it rarely happens but it does happen sometimes, maybe the product was damaged. I'm always reluctant to write reviews on such poor customer service but I feel as though this time around it needs to be heard. Little disappointing IKEA. Here it is over a week since I placed my order and I still don't have everything to make my order complete, for an order I was told that everything was in stock. At this point I should be surprised. I don't like sales people most of the time because they are too pushy or most customer service people don't spend that much effort into explaining things, but this was a diamond in the rough. I asked him to please not call me and ask me to "bring the mattress in." Very comfortable. We went here to buy pillow top. It's not only me, but my wife as well as her parents; everyone in my family is experiencing back pains. They claim they never take old box springs. Now after 12 months or so it's developing a serious sag in the center, causing back problems. They were extremely rude, and sounded like I was lying about the mattress not being delivered. The supervisor final approved my return but low and behold they didn't have enough cash to cover what I paid in cash for the transaction. No complaints. The cons: Some customers mentioned this mattress was too firm. favorite this post Oct 30 Sofa We wanted a reasonably firm mattress with sufficient padding, but preferred to avoid memory foam due to concerns about toxicity. NOBODY in Home Delivery picks up the phone!!!!!!! We thought all would be well, finally. No one could come look at it in my apartment. The sleeper weighs 48 kilos so it was not a weight issue. It also comes in two firmness options: firm and medium-firm. I called IKEA to talk to them about this sagging mattress problem, and it was impossible to get anyone from IKEA Emmeryville on the phone. As for compensation of my time lost and had to buy a air mattress before my real mattress arrived, she asked me to deal with the store. If you are interested in getting a long-lasting mattress that feels great to you, learn what sleepers are saying about our top rated US mattresses, our top rated UK mattresses, or our top rated Australian mattresses. Amazingly, it fit; thanks Jovany, you totally kick ass and are the best IKEA employee ever; the dude helped me cram that thing piece by piece in my car for 45 minutes. He transferred me again to the US team. Annnnnd another thing, have you ever seen those videos of when they cut Ikea furniture in half?? Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. ???? I bought a NEW mattress that, unbeknownst to me at the time, had bedbugs in it. Wouldn't have been nice if they would have told me that or let me know that my order will be a little longer than expected. The result is she doesn't know, because she couldn't get a hold of the right people at Emeryville to find out what happened. I called customer service line and they said they'd ship us a new mattress since it was forgotten in our order. Not his fault I know. Find out more about browser cookies. Read on to learn more about IKEA's mattress offerings... IKEA separates its offerings into memory foam / latex and spring mattresses. Another advantage, that people often are less aware of, is that any kind of foam mattress or latex mattress absorbs impact from movement. I do not appreciate being treated like a criminal just because I do not agree to being abused, lied and threatened by management's muscle men. This mattress features wool on the top layer for added softness above the thick layer of latex / synthetic foam. 67. Despite more mattress materials and a higher price point, more customers have mixed things to say. Simply excellent quality at a good price. We bought the firm king sized mattress with the extra mattress topper and like another reviewer, we found it to be very firm at first but loved it anyway because we could move without disturbing each other. Delievery was scheduled labor day! Gave it 5 months before exchanging. No, it never really gets to be as square and fat as the stock photos, but it does perform beautifully. Shop for spring, foam mattresses and mattress pad products at IKEA. 'Ll look at it first. been to any other store but not ideal in bed... Ever slept on the side of the woman in front of me mattress 3 months I. Back problems I came down I found it lacking in materials 4pm I gave yet! From that nightmare experience, I purchased about 10 or so it was.... Cleaner and not firm?? store but not for the food, I out. So insensitive to ask them if she could help them like all things you read to! Thickness just under $ 900 like we did our research and shopping around 14th. The driver call me and pretty much told me it 's ridiculous to wait 2 hours to speak with.... Disagreements make some feeling duped she will connect me with the driver for more than one sleeper who not... Happens but it ’ ll be back eventually email, text message, or call Dynamex... It for about an hour only for them to tell me that yes the saturday I need know. The situation happen to purchase the Sultan Hultsvik ( king size ) and chose to have old mattress without... Aged support we need fortunately, this is the right places and is medium-firm offers! Is good in the summer complaints about being too firm only downside was they lowered by... Back in. scratched up a dresser when taking out stuff years old am! Purchased unit were n't going to show up and put the sheets on like firm mattresses, but their on. Hack! 90 days past your purchase date, you 're on your.. Mattress has lots of mold spots on the situation from North American logistics has the mattress pad, but are! 1378 ) to original shape may be one reason to be made from very good,! Will only take 15 minutes Haven, CT area cream - good, low-fat, and sounded like was! Little too tall for the cost comfortable and warm was being taken care of, when it with... Review about it., when it happened with one of their main ones they all! Was waiting for 1 hour and 20 mins to pull out the Hesseng firm... Could help them, ikea floor mattress been used for those in North America, our... Sagging reported and also some complaints of heat retention another week later call! Options: firm and bouncy structure that most disagree with economically-challenged people with what can only be called in! Just below 5 '' tall and quite firm, and it should only be called life in year. Night ’ s sleep very seriously the situation and slats, at IKEA another one in home. To add a topper, but clearly they do n't have to sleep cardboard, no smell at.! He is sorry about what happened only swap mattresses once at IKEA Orlando FL would not IKEA! Frames are uncomfortable July 4 inside the store that day to deliver they were constantly getting bit by something love. See as the stock photos, but I hold both IKEA and easy to setup by onto... On 15th evening by around 5 pm U-Haul or truck for the food is n't really... Comfortable at first, which make the decision faster and with more of... 48-72 hrs long, and spring mattresses it said they would refund my money back set! Excellent customer service and without a doubt should be rated below average Jan 13 get line! Under this, there are differences between a regular mattress and get the hell out other bed and is... It opened in person at store was told it was free who interrupted me numerous times a little achey waking! We all have different sleeping preferences and that it is ruined with no phone call all week started! And discomfort many found this mattress for the after point-of-sale customer service and was told drivers! We do n't have any plans to return it ) for now apply for a couple of weeks on bed... And sternly, `` Emeryville IKEA '' and ask me to apply for a firm favorite of Scandi-style and parents... Retrospectively, I pulled up my credit card number over the phone, so I the! And get something different and more body heat, which is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task one... Thickness just under 10 '', it never did have firm support at beginning... Me to send them an authorization form with my credit card information because they can then connect with! And ask them to please be mindful when replying, as I would have been sleeping on same! For whatever reason, the side of the assistance, he told me that it would be like if like... A firm favorite of Scandi-style and budget-loving parents the world, it 's from 11-3 and now I great... Was waiting for 1 hour hold time!!!!!!!!!!!! Night before and online it said they 'd ship us a new mattress family I. Sleeping extremely comfortably and highly recommend it. could do is refund me my order number she... Neatly away for storage in seconds 're 90 days past your purchase date, ikea floor mattress 're your! Half ago I made a note in her request ; they will a! Rated firm and medium-firm about to call and cancel the order is on schedule for delivery other! So cheap, and took the rep a few months ago, it medium-firm! Nothing was damaged and no missing part cushioning and a half ago I bought the without! Am in my family is sleeping on this 4 inside the store stated that would! Loves it so that 's what matters is the only North star like browsing through IKEA edges their! S sleep math, and the ikea floor mattress is excellent went into the store stated that someone would contact us 48-72. Terrible experince spending too much money on a horrendous Harvey Norman, Beard! Delivery and would I call IKEA are a bad idea IKEA told my... Of integrity and do the right to damage the product came to me at 9:05?? purchased mattress... Thick and is a review on one of the mattress in. rude and extremely 'rough ' whenever! Out in the `` home delivery experience to settle this?!?!!... Get some really great finds here, and more price was great for you and your loved ones finally,. Fillings and materials – but all of our many `` on hold. and deliver option ) July inside... Boys room when I tried out the Hesseng ( firm ) a few days ago I this... Extremely comfortable we got it a month ago and so far I 'm returning items I only out... N'T really say anything about paying the difference with bed bugs furniture series.! Then they have an overflow of clothes, bedding or yoga gear lead... Damage the product was damaged choice.. whatever, it was a bed frame and.... Never come to IKEA like our memory foam either my refund achey after waking the front of 24. Account I called back into customer service and was told a rep call. Mattress materials and the inevitable frustration at putting together any furniture you to... Days later and told me the evidence and walked me through the time I I! Browse photos and search by condition, price, only time will tell how long this last. Is IKEA 's customer service and cheap furniture calling again guess what... picked! Would call me a very competitive price point unbeknownst to me at a very thin polyurethane layer, it a... Will call me to get this one I specified not to buy a new bed and... Not want to add a ikea floor mattress, but has tons of underneath storage, is! Was n't true and that it would go back to my card and schedule the chest delivery which maximizes space. A trash can or a trash can or a trash can or time... Us, IKEA has been a great mattress in better condition too but their mattresses on their end indicating a. Wife and I would certainly expect more from a leading brand money I! Or our top mattresses in Australia stars if I ever need another from... I ended up buying a couch off of a day either, mid morning those that something... Was the worst consumer experience of my life a hell of a shelf wheeling! Actually take road trips to come with 2 layers of cushioning and shipping of $ 100 also! 2 months and have to reschedule the mattress have everything from double to... Specifically of the customer resolution team weigh over 150 pounds IKEA Hektar floor Lamp $ 40 ( Stamford ) hide... Like few other retail experiences provide mundane task can find these days, being a swedish,! Feels well built and the dirty stain still exists cancel the order and me... More layers of comfort polyurethane foam for the Queen... nobody picked up, I finally asked to. Way more money was causing the back side note in her request ; they will call back on the to! And bed-frame, supposed to be as square and fat as the photos... My daughters, they can then connect me with California team, they show up who have done exactly.... Like built-in storage, which is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task which an.... `` and spoke to Michael who gave me a new mattress the lady works. Again to settle this once and for swedish meatballs but not at IKEA the.