Chef Vladimir Mukhin: Yes, especially seeing the recognition comes from all over the world. White Rabbit is a beautiful, multi-awarded upscale modern restaurant. Highlights Chef Vladimir Mukhin White Rabbit Moscow Russia Forever a Generation December 1, 2020 by Laura Gomez Located under a glass dome on a 16th floor of Smolenskiy Passage, White Rabbit is the first joint project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin . After my time in France I moved back to Moscow where I became chef in a far more modest place. A couple of weeks ago a tomato grower visited us. “But I loved cheating on the Russian cuisine.”. He’s dived into researching the old recipes and traveled throughout the country to discover different interpretations and ingredients. He first opened the restaurant White Rabbit … Local seasonal products, modern techniques, new combinations –Vladimir Mukhin is one of the brightest representatives of modern Russian cuisine. He left his small hometown of Essentuki for Moscow and became obsessed with modern techniques and food from across Europe. “They loved his Russian cooking.”, • Leaving home for Moscow wasn’t easy for Mukhin. Chef Vladimir Mukhin of White Rabbit in Moscow stars in a just-released Season 3 episode of Chef’s Table, and he has taken it upon himself to introduce his compatriots to the dishes of Russia’s glory days. There are many traditional Russian dishes to be rediscovered but they aren’t being handed to you on a plate. Chef’s Secret: With 170 seats and 11 sous-chefs The White Rabbit is a large venture. Bar - But we shouldn’t forget that we’re in a city counting more than 12 million inhabitants and in the worldwide culinary charts The White Rabbit is climbing year upon year. One man’s quest to bring the cuisine of Russia’s glorious past into the 21st century. I initially started out working in my father’s restaurant. It had to fill the stomach and nothing more. And since a couple of years other Russian chefs have followed. It takes time and effort to find them. Chef Vladimir Muhin at White Rabbit in Moscow. “We were ready.”, • Now, not only are the locals celebrating Mukhin’s food, it’s receiving accolades from beyond Russia’s borders (Chef’s Table doesn’t look to shine a light on up-and-comers, obviously). ... (Click PLAY for highlights of White Rabbit, Moscow) Magnificently located at the top floor (16th) Smolenskaya Plaza. #hungryformoremag #thebestchefawards #michelinguide #finedining #theartofplating #hautecuisine #chefsroll #gastroart #chefsofinstagram #chefsplateform #chefstalk #gastronomy #culinaireinspiratie #culinary #foodiegram #instafood #foodie #foodpic #foodphotography #foodstyling #plating #foodelia #foodblogger #foodstarz⁠ ... © 2020 - Hungry for More. Here at Culver City’s Vespertine building, Mukhin and Kahn will serve a $375 tasting menu. We come together amongst peers and invite chefs from all over the world. Let's start with the good news: Russia is not the only country whose restaurants are not included in the Michelin Guide. Executive Chef of The White Rabbit in Moscow and Brand Chef of the White Rabbit Family (Main image) A disruptor and resuscitator of authentic Russian recipes, Vladimir Mukhin is brand chef … ⁠ Another example of that approach is the ‘Europe vs Asia’ dish from the Contrast menu. Chef’s Secret: With so little archive material available it must have been a gigantic task. The White Rabbit creates an adventure beyond the ordinary that stirs the senses. We love the series on Netflix called “Chef’s Table”, where one episode is dedicated to this restaurant. On the top floor of a 16-story bulding you will find one of the top restaurants in Moscow; the White Rabbit. The format is compact, but refined - there is only one table for 15 seats in the restaurant, but only the best Moscow and visiting chefs prepare here. The chef recommends Contrast which offers twelve courses and many of his signature dishes. Chef’s Secret (The Best Chef & Hungry for More): How did you get started with The White Rabbit? The White Rabbit transports all who travel down its proverbial rabbit hole to another world. All-in all we have about 20 small farmers that provide us with products that qualify for The White Rabbit. The White Rabbit Family’s flagship, with a total of twenty-five Russian restaurants by restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin. He knew I could realize this potential and gave me full trust in working towards that goal. ⁠, Throwback to the best pics of 2020: Scallop with radish and codium by Executive Chef Joris Bijdendijk of restaurant RIJKS in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Vladimir Mukhin, Russian chef of White Rabbit, the Moscow restaurant that has taken the gastronomic world by storm over the past years is on a mission to make Russian tastes known globally. The cabbages had been out in the cold too long and were frozen when she delivered them. With almost everything in the White Rabbit, a themed restaurant on the 16th floor of Moscow’s Smolensky passage, named after the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, things are not always what they seem. White Rabbit is the first joint project of restaurateur Boris Zarkov and chef Vladimir Mukhin, and is known for its modern take on traditional Russian cuisine. The most well-known of these, Moscow’s White Rabbit, was named one of the 50 best restaurants in the world last year. Reserve a table at White Rabbit, Moscow on Tripadvisor: See 3,461 unbiased reviews of White Rabbit, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #190 of 14,435 restaurants in Moscow. “His French clients who ate it were amazed,” he says. These and other informal recipes have inspired me a great deal. February 2020. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Make the Chai that Keeps NYC Taxi Drivers Going All Night, A foolproof chai recipe, plus a guide to some of the chai preparations most popular in New York, A good old fashioned hand mixer does just about everything you’d want it to and then some, The latest edition of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, A Guide to the Stars of ‘Chef’s Table’ Season 3, Nebraska Governor Wrongly Says Undocumented Meatpacking Workers Can’t Get Vaccine, Tyson Cannot Blame Executive Order for Employee’s Death, Federal Judge Rules, Doctors Concerned That Coronavirus-Related Loss of Taste Could Be Permanent for Some. R Russian chef Vladimir Mukhin has one foot in the future and one in the past, but he’s standing tall. Using that sourdough, we bake several varieties of bread for The White Rabbit Family. As you step inside the glass dome the first thing that catches your eye is the spectacular 360° view over the city. 75.474 persone sono state qui. These are going to be grown next year in a greenhouse exclusively reserved for The White Rabbit. I want oysters like that.” It wasn’t until another Vladimir — the man in the Kremlin — fought U.S. sanctions in 2014 by banning Western imports that chefs and diners began to celebrate their local ingredients. But it is also the place to come for Vladimir Mukhin’s inventive cuisine using Russian ingredients – think swan liver pâté with torched marshmallow or baked cabbage with caviar. With the ‘Poor vs Rich’ dish I wanted to prove that the cheapest and most abundant products in Russia, such as cabbage, can be as tasty as the most expensive ingredients. “When we stopped communicating, for me it was a tragedy,” Mukhin says. The White Rabbit Family in 2020 runs 22 restaurants in Moscow and Sochi. DUBAI: White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow may have been a name whispered among gourmands in the past, but it has become a worldwide sensation thanks to Russian chef Vladimir Mukhin. That’s how I became chef of The White Rabbit. Throwing good ingredients away is not part of my nature, so I started to think about a way to save them. When we meet chef Vladimir Mukhin he enthusiastically shows us the Brassica oleracea gemmifera plant. Boris came over, ordered some food and made me a job offer. Nancy Silverton 46m. Roads & Kingdoms’ Nathan Thornburgh talked to Mukhin in Moscow about being a fifth-generation chef, reviving classic Russian cuisine, and … #localsuppliers #salad #veggie #foodie #hungryformoremag #nature #passion #foodlover #fresh ... Turbot, Jerusalem artichoke, brussels sprouts and black truffle by chef Bart De Pooter at restaurant Pastorale.⁠ Russians also started to travel around the world, just as I did when I went to work for French restaurants. It’s great to see all the hard work paying off and that The White Rabbit’s authenticity and refinement is being recognized by an international audience. At the top floor of the Smolenskaya building in Moscow’s historical centre we find The White Rabbit restaurant. “The White Rabbit is a story about Alice in Wonderland,” Moscow chef Vladimir Mukhin says of his award-winning restaurant, where it’s not unusual to be served garlic infused dishes for dessert. For example, I remember my grandmother’s borsht. We present it together with Polugar which has some similarities with vodka but is actually a much more ancient spirit produced with rye. From then on in Russia food was looked upon as being purely functional. During the Soviet times there may not have been a great culinary tradition, but my family always knew how to make the most of what was available. He takes traditional Russian cooking and gives it an experimental edge, earning White Rabbit a place on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for three consecutive years. Chef Vladimir Mukhin: Yes. Meet Ortwin of the family owned company Crotoni, specialised in the production of salad. ⁠ And then you had those 70 Soviet years when everything was made with tabula rasa. Mukhin is working on a new dish: marrowbone made from the stem of this plant. At White Rabbit, his 16th floor restaurant overlooking Moscow, he is resurrecting traditional recipes from his homeland and using all the techniques of modern gastronomy to reinvent them in … ... (Click PLAY for highlights of White Rabbit, Moscow) Magnificently located at the top floor (16th) Smolenskaya Plaza. White Rabbit - a restaurant on the top floor in the historical center of Moscow invites you to try exquisite cuisine and enjoy the panorama of the capital. That way they could dilute the food and keep some ingredients for themselves or sell them ‘under the table’. Vladimir Mukhin is one of the most interesting figures of international fine dining. We combine raw scallops with raspberry, guacamole and carrot voditsa, a type of juice I created starting out from a traditional recipe I found in an old book. The farmers need to be as passionate as we are. We saw how things were being done there and came back full of ideas. Only the best and most authentic products are being considered for The White Rabbit. by @adriaanvanlooy Chef Vladimir Mukhin, who heads the famous White Rabbit restaurant in Moscow, descends from more than five generations of chefs. By George Nelson. Mukhin owns more than 20 restaurants, mostly in Russia, including White Rabbit. He is also known for owning and operating the Chefs Table restaurant as well as several other restaurants throughout the Moscow area. Jolie Myers/NPR hide caption ⁠ It offers a far richer and layered aroma than vodka and blends in excellently with the Borodino, coco lardo and linden buds that complement the dish. Chef’s Secret: You’ve also put your shoulders under the development and promotion of Russian cuisine in general. Local seasonal products, modern techniques, new combinations –Vladimir Mukhin is one of the brightest representatives of modern Russian cuisine. Chef's Table - a unique gastronomic experience restaurant. When we finally tasted them, the flavour wasn’t like any other cabbage we had tasted before. He first opened the restaurant White Rabbit in 2011. ⁠, 'De kapoen': Chicory, risotto cereals and red onion by chef Bart De Pooter at restaurant Pastorale.⁠, Let’s bubble into the new year with this bubbly sloe rosé cocktail. Firstly, you need to know that not many cooks were able to read or write during the first centuries when Russian cuisine started to develop under the Tsars. Whizz to the 16th floor of Moscow’s grand Smolensky Passage building to go down a culinary rabbit hole. You can definitely say that the Mukhin family has cooking skills in its blood. Chef Mukhin is featured on Netflix documentary Chef’s Table, Season 3. Where did you get the idea to use cabbage, not the most noble product around, for this dish? Given the restaurants status and the featuring on Netflix Chef’s Table I called White Rabbit a good week ahead of my visit. - Check out Tripadvisor members' 50,108 candid photos and videos. You scan still come across early 19th century pictures of sturgeons of more than 4 metres long and up to 300 kilograms. Taste the amazing cuisine of Chef Vladimir Mukhin from the famed White Rabbit restaurant. Michelin stars. All this came to an end with the Bolshevist Revolution in 1917. Chef’s Secret: Not many people outside Russia are familiar with the culinary traditions of the country. • “At that moment, I had this nuclear suitcase, as they say in Russia. Chef Vladimir Mukhin: It wasn’t easy and it still isn’t. • Don’t fret: Father and son are on good terms again. Service is highly valued; every visit has to be a unique experience. White Rabbit first opened in 2012 and earned an episode on Netflix’s popular series Chef’s Table. I yelled to my team: ‘look at this you guys, it’s amazing!’ In the restaurant we serve the burned cabbage accompanied by a sauce consisting of three types of caviar (sturgeon, salmon and pike) and a dash of reduced champagne and scallop broth.